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Pro-Elite Service from Expert Bike Repair


The one that bike shops charge £100 on average....and they won't do what we do. 

Ideal for bikes that haven't been used for a long time to bring them back too their former glory and perfect for :


Any type of bikes used regularly in all conditions, either on or off road. Ideal for commuter bikes, mountain bike or road bike enthusiasts. 


Bikes used for racing on or off road where the rider requires faultless performance.


Pro-Elite Service includes:


We strip every component, including rear suspension assembly, leaving just the frame.

  The frame is checked for cracks and damage.

All components are extensively degreased and cleaned.

  All the bearings in the headset, hubs and bottom bracket are stripped, degreased and reassembled using high quality, waterproof grease. (Excludes sealed units.)

Disc brake bleed if required.

  Gears and brakes reset to ensure smooth shifting and effective, safe braking,

Both wheels are trued and tyre pressures checked.


Your bike is then rebuit checking all torque settings.

  Finally we polish your bike using high gloss resin polish.


We would recommend this service every
6 - 12 months

Pro-Elite Service cost from: £60.00 + Parts          

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To get the most from our Pro-Elite Bike Service, take a look at our suggested post service care guide here.