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Safety Checklist

Before you text or call us, there are some fundemental items that you can check quite simply for yourself.  Take a look at our quick safety checklist below to help you decide if you need some help from Expert Bike Repair:


Is there anything on your bike that rattles, squeaks or creaks?


Are your gears slipping and clunking through shift changes?


Do your brakes require excessive effort to stop?


Do your wheels wobble or look out of shape?


Does your bike have any frayed or rusty cables?

  Check your brake blocks, are they low?
  Have you checked your tyres for wear and tear.  Are they worn?


If you have answered yes to any of the above, ask yourself this:

When did I last have my bike serviced?

Remember - when traveling on or off-road, bike safety is of paramount importance.  To reduce the risk of accidents, check your bike regularly and have it serviced by an expert at least once a year.

To book your bike in for that much needed service or repair, simply text
'Repair My Bike' to 07769 314919 and we will get back to you as soon as possible to book you in.

Alternatively, click here to email us.