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Terms and Conditions

There are a few simple rules about using EXPERT BIKE REPAIR.....

  • If you decide to use us for repairs or servicing, all work and components must be paid for using cash or cheque once all the work is completed. Cheques are payable to EXPERT BIKE REPAIR.
  • All customers will be issued with a receipt itemising labour and components.
  • We will give you an estimate for all work required when we see your bike for the first time.
  • If any further parts or work is required once we get started on your bike we will get in touch for your approval.
  • All our work is guaranteed for a period of six months excluding wear and tear, however, if it goes wrong we'll endeavour to help to put it right!
  • We accept no responsibility for any loss, costs, injury or death as a result of any upgrades, alterations, adjustments, repairs or servicing carried out after one of our services/repairs.
  • All bikes repaired and/or serviced are test ridden by the mechanic who carries out the work prior to collection/delivery.
  • Our 'AFTERCARE GUIDE' is simply that...a guide. Your bike may require other specific checks on a regular basis depending on its age, condition, make, model, as well as the type of riding that you do, and how often you do it! If your not sure please refer to your owners manual.
  • If you are provided with a bike to use whilst we repair yours, we expect it back in the same condition that it was loaned. Any loss or damage must be paid for in full prior to your bike being returned.
  • We do not offer a 'like for like' loan bike service but we will endeavour to supply you with a 'close fit' to your biking needs.