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When you search online when needing your bike repaired or serviced, there are many options available. Many of our competitors will offer a cheaper service, many are much more expensive, some claim to be the biggest and the best, and some will offer free collection and delivery. It can get difficult and confusing to choose the right one.


So why should you choose Expert Bike Repair?

From the moment you either have your bike collected, or call at the shop, you are leaving your bike with someone with over 30-years experience. Your bike is fully insured every step of the way whilst with us, and we have every specialist tool to carry out the work required to the highest standard. We treat your bike the same as we treat the bikes of our race team (TeamEBR), to ensure the best performance possible. They demand the best. We work on your bike to the same standard!


Give us a try, you won't be disappointed! Many of my customers have been using me for years. I have customers that use their bikes all over the world. One of my regular touring customers has used his bike to travel wild camping across Australia. Another has toured across most of the UK over the last 40 years!

So, what does it cost?


Service charges:


   Super service:   


£150.00 (full suspension bike)


£130.00 (front suspension bike)


Includes fork lower leg oil change using factory specification oil. A full strip and regrease of every serviceable bearing, wheels trued, gear set up including new die drawn inner stainless cables, brake bleeding, brake calliper alignment, disc rotor clean, drivetrain degrease/re-lube, torque setting of all bolts, full clean and polish of the frame and forks, tyre wall blacking.


   Pro-Elite service:   


£100.00 (road bike or hardtail MTB)


£120.00 (Full suspension)


As the SUPER SERVICE above but without the fork oil change.


  Expert service:   




Our EXPERT SERVICE is very popular


if you've dragged your old bike out of the shed, or need your bike inspecting for set up and wear and tear. So, what do we do for fifty quid?


We firstly clean and degrease the whole bike. We then check the wheels for trueness and spoke tension, set up the gears, align the brakes, clean the rims/disc rotors, check everything is tightened to the correct torque settings, check the tyres for wear and tear/tyre pressures. Finally, we let you know of any advisory items (a bit like your car MOT), that may require attention to make your bike run even smoother.


  Childs Bike service (No gears):   




Basically, a full safety inspection of your child's bike to ensure it is safe to ride. We do a lot of these when the local schools are teaching kids how to ride safely.


  General service work:  


Wheel trueing, brake bleeds, new inner tube fitted, adjust my gears or brakes, puncture on a pram, wheelbarrow inner tube, exercise/spin bike, ask us about anything! We'll give you a quote!


We work on almost anything....

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